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Our Team

Micheal Ighodaro, President, Founder
Rikki Nathanson, Vice President
Kenita Placide, Chief of Finance
Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Director, Human Rights Conference
Gerald Garth, Head of Media, Events, & Communications
Monroe France, Chair, Advisory Board

Global Black Pride Founding & Organizing Members

Global Black Pride wants to acknowledge and celebrate the founding and organizing members of Global Black Pride (GBP). Since its inception in 2020, Global Black Pride has been made a global success largely in part of the dynamic partners and friends in this work of Black LGBTQI+ equity and celebration. Founding and organizing members of Global Black Pride include:

  1. Jide Macaulay, co-founder
  2.  Marc Thompson, co-founder
  3. Wayne Black, organizing member
  4.  Matthew Blaise, organizing member
  5. Jason Isak, organizing member
  6. Anthony Johns, organizing member
  7. Kimberley Knox, organizing member
  8. Dashawn Usher, organizing member
  9. Daniel Yomi, organizing member

    As Global Black Pride continues to grow, we are committed to honouring those shoulders we stand on and want to ensure we have diversity, equity, and inclusion within the global Black LGBTQI+ experience.

About Us

About Us

Founded in 2020: Global Back Pride is the first ever and only activist-led global Pride event that brings together Black LGBTQI communities across all continents to celebrate their culture, diversity and provide a space for activists and community-based organizations across the globe to engage and reflect.


A global platform to celebrate all Black LGBTQI+ diversity and to build a global movement to fight for freedom, liberation and justice for all Black LGBTQI communities across the globe.


Acknowledged freedom of expression to celebrate in inclusive environments of our diversity along the spectrum of being LGBTQI, queerness and Blackness globally.