Global Black Pride Atlanta 2024

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Global Black Pride 2024 Set to Illuminate Atlanta from August 27th to September 2nd, 2024: A Historic First in the
United States

ATLANTA, Georgia, April 1, 2024 — Global Black Pride, the world’s first and only Pride event dedicated to Black LGBTQI+ communities globally, is thrilled to announce that Atlanta has been chosen as the host city for Global Black Pride 2024. This event, marking the first time Global Black Pride is held in the United States, is scheduled to take place from August 27th to September 2nd, 2024, celebrating Black LGBTQI+ culture and heritage on an
unprecedented scale.
As a platform that amplifies the voices, experiences, and achievements of Black LGBTQI+ individuals worldwide, Global Black Pride offers a unique opportunity for unity, visibility, and advocacy. Global Black Pride 2024 is presented by Atlanta Black
Pride Weekend.
“We are honored and excited to bring
Global Black Pride to the United States for the first time, choosing Atlanta as our host city,” said the organizers. “Known for its deep roots in civil rights history and a vibrant sense of community, Atlanta is the ideal location to celebrate our diversity, resilience, and the ongoing fight for
equality and justice,”
Micheal Ighodaro,
President of Global Black Pride.

The week-long event in Atlanta will showcase an extensive range of activities, including festivals, cultural programs, discussions, a human rights conference, and celebrations that highlight the contributions and experiences of Black LGBTQI+ people. By fostering unity, understanding, and solidarity, Global Black Pride 2024 aims to address the unique challenges faced by Black LGBTQI+ communities, including social injustice, discrimination, health disparities, and economic inequality.
“Atlanta proudly stands as the LGBTQ capital of the south and a champion for human rights, not only in our region but on a global scale,” stated Malik Brown, the City’s Director of LGBTQ Affairs. “We are honored to welcome the first-ever Global Black Pride gathering in the United States to the vibrant City of Atlanta.”
Malik Brown | Director,
Mayor’s Division of LGBTQ Affairs
This significant choice highlights Atlanta’s role as a center for cultural expression and social change, making it the perfect backdrop for celebrating the achievements and advancing the rights of Black LGBTQI+ individuals worldwide.

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