Global Black Pride Self Funding Registration

First Annual Conference, Global Black Pride (GBP)
“Honoring our Past, Securing our Future: Unapologetically Black”
July 27-31, 2022

Global Black Pride is hosting its first Human Rights Conference in Toronto/Tkaronto, which in Kanien’kehá:ka means the place with the trees in the water, to pay respect to the Indigenous place name of the city of Toronto/Canada July 27th-31st 2022 under the theme: “Our Fight For Human Rights”

We invite Black applicants who belong to one or more, of the varied intersectional national and ethno-cultural groups across the African Continent and African Diasporic Unions, with lived experiences of being racialized- as Black who is interested in participating in this event. GBP committee cordially invites you to apply as a SELF FUNDING participant. This registration is for anyone who is willing to fund their way to Toronto and make a contribution towards the Global Black Pride Programme. We are encouraging Trans, gender-diverse, non-binary people, activists, storytellers, persons with disabilities and elders to attend. We strive to host an inclusive and accessible event that enables everyone to participate and engage fully.