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Calling all Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who are willing to support to make Global Black Pride 2022 a Global Event!

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We are looking for potential partners or sponsors to help support Global Black Pride

Global Black Pride Is Almost Here

Global Black Pride to be Hosted in Toronto, July 27-31 2022

“Honouring our Past, Securing our Future”
has been announced as the theme for this year’s Global Black Pride


July 27 – Opening Ceremony

The opening and closing ceremonies will highlight the partnership and collaboration between Global Black Pride, Pride Toronto, Blackness Yes!, City Councilors, the Mayor’s Office and communities. The opening ceremony will be co-hosted by Blackness Yes!, Global Black Pride, and the Mayor’s Office to reestablish the importance of community partnership involvement and leadership engagement.

July 28 – Human Rights Conference

A coming together of human rights defenders and activists across the globe to respond to the violence, discrimination and exclusion that have harmed Black people and people of color who identify as LGBTQI+.


July 29 – Marketplace and Global Village/Healthzone

A gathering place where Black LGBTQI+ communities from around the world meet to share their experiences and learn about HIV and other health issues. A blend of speaker sessions and cultural activities, the Global Village is also a hub for watching live performances, broadening networks, and touring marketplace booths and art exhibits, connect, and support the rich and wide artistry and creativity of Black LGBTQI+ entrepreneurs and artists where participants can display, sell, and promote their crafted goods and services.

July 30 – Night Out

Explore Toronto! Visit and network with local Black-owned spaces in Toronto with evening activities, social experiences, and other festivities at local Black owned businesses and shops.

July 31st – Blockobana

Organized by Blackness Yes! Blockobana is a closing party of the weekend, a day music and arts Festival where LGBTQI+ African, Black and Caribbean people celebrate cultures free from homophobia, transphobia, and anti-Black racism.

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